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Welcome to Tape Providers! - 📦 🚚 FREE Shipping on all of our orders 🚚 📦
Welcome to Tape Providers! - 📦 🚚 FREE Shipping on all of our orders 🚚 📦


The Perfect Tape

The Perfect Tape

A long time ago in Venezuela, Maria used to work in retail...

She was deeply inspired by the idea of providing products that could be useful while still being practical, and that's when realized that she had an idea for the perfect thing that she could give people as a solution for pretty much every problem: Adhesive Tape!

She loved how it could hold things together, fix anything that was broken, and create new and interesting projects that would otherwise not be possible.

After trying many duct tapes from different brands, she soon started investing in finding the best materials she could to provide a high-end experience with tapes, always procuring the best possible price for the customers.

Known as a successful purveyor of the "Woman + minority-owned small business," movement, who followed her dreams and made them a reality - Maria is now an inspiration to all who know her!

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WOD Grip Anti Slip Tape, 20 yards per Roll. ASTB32

I put this down on my 40ft x 60ft composite deck at my lake house. I cut the roll down the middle to get double the tape. Adhered nicely to composite decking, lasted the summer through countless AirBNB guests, still looks great. Very tacky as advertised. Highly recommend!

Cory - November 7, 2022

WOD Double Sided Cloth Tape 11 Mil, Natural Rubber Adhesive, For Laying Down Carpet Leaving No Residue, DCCT110R

Saw this on tiktok. They used it to hold the table cloth on the party tables. So I did that at this windy day party in the park. It was the best thing yet. The cloth stayed put. The tape was easy to place. The cloth stuck throughout the party while everything else went flying around. This was great.

Jackie - October 28, 2021

WOD ATG Tape 2 Mil, 36 yards - Adhesive Transfer Tape Glider Refill Rolls Clear Adhesive on Gold Liner (Acid Free), ATG20RW

I have purchased name brand tape and this is my favorite. It is not only easy to load in my atg gun, it is also sticky and you cannot beat the price! Definitely recommend!

Debra Miller - April 17, 2022

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