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Weightlifting Thumb Tape Black (Pack of 3) Latex-Free - ST-CEAB

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Title: Black
Original price $13.81 - Original price $13.81
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$13.81 - $13.81
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Specifications for this item

Product Code WOD ST-CEAB-01500-3-5-BLAElogation 159%
Material CottonCertification N/A
Adhesive N/A Low Temperature 32 F
Thickness N/A High Temperature 150 F
Length N/A Core 3 inch
Adhesion N/AAdhesive Side Single Sided
Tensile Strenght N/A
Product Code WOD ST-CEAB-01500-3-5-BLA
Material Cotton
Adhesive N/A
Thickness N/A
Length N/A
Adhesion N/A
Tensile Strenght N/A
Elogation 159%
Certification N/A
Low Temperature 32 F
High Temperature 150 F
Core 3 inch
Adhesive Side Single Sided

WOD ST-CEAB Weightlifting Thumb Tape is a premium quality 100% Cotton with Spandex breathable material for Hypoallergenic purposes, in fact, to relieve blisters, cuts, or patches on your skin. It is designed to protect your fingers and thumbs from hindering joints when practicing athletic activities and leaving no residue when removed.

If you are an athlete, WOD ST-CEAB Self-adhesive Wrapping Tape is the ideal material you are looking to use for your joint’s protection and comfort, no scissors are needed, just wrap it around your thumbs, unwind it, tear it with your hands, and enjoy!

Latex-free - Water Resistant – Breathable Material - Used by Professional Athletes - Highly Elastic - Hand-tearable, and more.
WODs - Functional Fitness – Olympic Weightlifting – Powerlifting – Dumbbells - Rock Climbing – Gymnastics – Tennis - Boxing – Bowling - Hook Grip, and more. 


  • Apply before activity on clean skin.
  • Don’t overstretch.
  • Excessive hair might not allow the best adhesion.
  • Once applied, squeeze a little to mold around your thumb.
  • Remove slowly, use baby oil if necessary.

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