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Top 4 Creative Back-To-School Crafts for Kids Using Tape!

Top 4 Creative Back-To-School Crafts for Kids Using Tape!

Tapes can be fun and creative tools to use for back-to-school crafts for kids. They are safe, easy to use, and can be used for various projects. We can use tapes to turn drywall into art, create a schedule, decorate furniture, or make cups, picture frames, bookmarks, and even jewelry. We can also use tape to decorate our notebooks and folders. Tapes for school are a great alternative to glue and other crafts materials that might not be safe or useful.

For kids, glue can be dangerous to use, and it can also be messy and difficult to clean up. Tapes are much safer and easier to use, and they can provoke more creativity.

See the best four crafts using tape for kids with teachers or parents,

1. Using Tapes to Turn Drywall into Art

We can use colored Vinyl Marking Tape to transform drywall into art. The tape is made from a PVC material and comes in various colors. To create our design, we choose the drawing we want to recreate and simply pinstripe the tape in the desired pattern. We should be careful not to stretch the tape and ensure the surface is clean before we begin. The tape can be applied in one continuous line or multiple pieces to create a more complex design. Making the lines slowly will help us achieve the look we want.




2. Creating Our Schedule

As we return to school, it is essential to find a way to keep track of our days and activities so that we get everything. Colored Flatback Tape is a great tool to create a sticky sheet that we can write on and set up our schedule. We will create a sticky sheet with a color key for additional days and activities by pin-striping Flatback Tape with different colors together.

3. Decorating A Piece of Furniture

To decorate a piece of furniture with Metalized Tape, we set long stripes of the tape on the furniture's surface and press them down. The tape will adhere to the surface and create a brand-new, shiny look. This is a great way to decorate classroom chairs, spots on the wall, or any object.



4. Making A Cup

To make a cup using Duct Tape, we first cut a strip of tape about the same length as the cup's circumference. We begin pin-striping with the sticky side facing up and then facing down. Starting at the bottom of the cup, we wrap the strip of tape around the cup, making sure to overlap the edges of the tape. We wrap the tape around the cup until the entire cup is covered. Finally, we trim any excess tape from the top of the cup, remove the template cup, and pour water into our new cup! 



And there are more crazy things to do with Duct Tape! 


There You Have It!

Tapes are essential for returning to school and being creative in the classroom with crafts for kids! With so many uses, it's hard to imagine life without them. Tape Providers has everything we need to get started on our next project.

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