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How to Build an Hexayurt: The Ultimate Guide DIY

How to Build an Hexayurt: The Ultimate Guide DIY


Picture yourself at Burning Man or an outdoor adventure, where a reliable and comfortable shelter is necessary. Look no further than the Hexayurt, a remarkable and versatile structure that can be quickly built using everyday materials. In this ultimate DIY guide, we'll take you through the step-by-step process of constructing an Hexayurt while emphasizing the importance of Aluminum Foil Tape and Bidirectional Filament Tape in creating a durable and weather-resistant shelter, ideal for your stay on Playa, on our dear Black Rock City!.

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 Step 1: Gather Your Materials for Building an Hexayurt 

Gathering the necessary materials is essential before embarking on the construction of your Hexayurt. By having everything at hand, you can ensure a smooth and efficient building process. Here are the essential materials you will need:

  • Insulation Boards: Procure six sheets of high-quality 4x8-foot plywood or insulation boards. (This Depends on the size and dimensions you want for your hexayurt). Opt for a thickness that provides sturdiness while maintaining ease of handling.  These plywood sheets will form the structural framework of your Hexayurt, providing stability and support.
  • Foam Board: Obtain six sheets of 4x8-foot foam board. Choose a thickness that offers insulation and lightweight properties. The foam board will line the interior of your Hexayurt, enhancing comfort and temperature regulation. This is optional, and some people don't do this. 
  • Plastic Sheeting: Secure two rolls of durable 6-mil plastic sheeting, each measuring at least 24x100 feet. Look for high-quality, weather-resistant plastic sheeting that can withstand the elements. This will serve as the protective barrier for the exterior of your Hexayurt. This is also optional, but we thoroughly recommend it. You will need this for the floor as well. 
  • Bi-directional Filament Tape: Acquire high-strength Bidirectional Filament Tape designed for building Hexayurts. This strong adhesive tape is crucial in securing the plywood boards together, ensuring a strong and reliable structure.
  • Aluminum Foil Tape: Remember to include Aluminum Foil Tape in your materials list. This specialized tape is essential for protecting the Bidirectional Filament Tape and enhancing the heat resistance of your Hexayurt. It reflects heat, maintaining a comfortable interior temperature even in scorching conditions.

We recommend getting the Hexayurt Bundle, which has both adhesive Tapes, to make your affordable shelter an even lower-cost solution!

Additionally, gather other tools and equipment such as measuring tape, a saw or cutting tool for plywood and foam board, a drill for ventilation holes, screws, nails, and a straight edge for precise cuts. With all your materials ready, you're set to embark on the exciting journey of constructing your Hexayurt.

Filament Bidirectional


Step 2: Cut and Assemble the Triangles

With your materials gathered, it's time to cut and assemble the triangular components of the Hexayurt. Use a saw or cutting tool to shape the plywood and foam board into twelve triangles, each with a 12-inch base and a 36-inch height.

Hexayurt Steps Triangles Filament Bidirectional Tape Tutorial Adhesive Burning Man 2023

Next, assemble the triangles to create the hexagonal shape of the Hexayurt. Pair two triangles at a 90-degree angle and secure them with Bi-directional Filament Tape.  Repeat this process with the remaining triangles until six pairs form the complete hexagonal structure.

 Hexayurt How To Steps Guide Burning Man 2023 Filament Aluminum

Step 3: Apply Aluminum Foil Tape and Install the Plastic Sheeting

Once the framework is in place, you must apply Aluminum Foil Tape. This will dissipate the heat from the Hexayurt, reflect the sunlight, protect the Filament tape, and Seal the Edges to make your Hexayurt even stronger. After doing this, it's time to install the plastic sheeting, providing weather protection and insulation. Unroll one of the plastic sheeting rolls and cut a large piece to cover one side of the Hexayurt. Lay the plastic sheeting evenly, ensuring no gaps or overlaps.

Use Aluminum Foil Tape or Bidirectional Filament Tape to secure the plastic sheeting to the plywood and foam board panels. Apply the tape evenly, avoiding wrinkles or bubbles. Repeat this process for the remaining sides of the Hexayurt, utilizing the second roll of plastic sheeting.

Hexayurt Tiny House Shelter windows door ventilation heat

Step 4: Install the Door and Ventilation

Creating a functional entrance and ensuring proper ventilation is essential for a comfortable Hexayurt. Cut a hole in one of the Hexayurt's sides, carefully measuring and adjusting the size to accommodate easy access. Install a door frame and door using screws, nails, or other fasteners, ensuring a secure and smooth opening and closing mechanism. Some Recommend adding a Window AC Unit and taking a Generator with you. 

Customizing your Hexayurt Shiny Reflective tape Glow in the Dark Colors

Step 5: Finishing Touches

With the main structure complete, it's time to add the finishing touches to your Hexayurt. Consider customizing the shelter to your preferences and needs. This may include adding windows for natural light, incorporating additional insulation or weatherproofing materials for enhanced comfort, or even decorating the exterior to make it your own.

A Tape Providers Favorite is Adding Reflective Tape of different colors to make the Hexayurt stand out from other hexayurts and shine with the many LED lights you can see during Burning Man in Black Rock City. 

Environmental Benefits and Versatility of the Hexayurt

Apart from being a practical and comfortable shelter, the Hexayurt aligns with Burning Man's "Leave No Trace" philosophy. Its modular design allows for easy disassembly, making it portable and reusable for future adventures. Using the Hexayurt minimizes environmental impact while enjoying the benefits of a sturdy and sustainable structure.

Cutting the Boards: Proper Technique and Tips

When cutting the plywood boards for your Hexayurt, follow these steps for clean and accurate cuts:

  1. Measure Twice: Double-check your measurements before making any cuts to ensure precision and minimize errors.

  2. Use a Straight Edge: Place a straight edge along your marked cutting line to guide your saw or cutting tool, ensuring a straight and smooth cut.

  3. Cut in Stages: When cutting thicker plywood boards, make multiple shallow passes with the saw rather than attempting to cut through in one go. This approach helps prevent splintering and ensures cleaner cuts.

  4. Secure it: Use clamps or other means to secure the plywood firmly before cutting. This prevents movement and reduces the plywood binding or splintering risk during the cutting process.

Building an Hexayurt with Aluminum Foil Tape and Bidirectional Filament Tape offers a rewarding DIY experience, providing a durable and versatile shelter for Burning Man or various outdoor adventures.  Embrace the DIY spirit, contribute to environmental sustainability, and enjoy the comfort and freedom of your Hexayurt. Happy building!




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