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The BEST applications for Duct Tape

The BEST applications for Duct Tape

From the era of the world war to the generation of DIYs, duct tape continues to find more reasons to stay, thanks to its countless applications. Thanks to its strength, waterproof nature, and durability, the item proves indispensable, as it is a staple in various places- toolboxes, car trunks, junk drawers, backpacks, and even NASA spaceships.

Here are our top five picks for Duct tape, some that could save your life.

1. Get rid of stubborn residue.

The adhesive on duct tape is super strong, often leaving surface residue. Ironically, the same duct tape works wonders in eliminating residue as well. You can shorten your cleaning using this unconventional method in just a few steps. You have probably seen someone stick duct tape on their brooms. If not, it is a thing. Duct tape grasps everything firmly and goes with it, leaving you impressed and less tired. I highly recommend using duct tape to pick up pet fur. This method uses less but does more.

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2. Repair Leakages

Did you know that the U.S. military used duct tape to waterproof their ammunition in the 1940s? As tacky as that may sound, it worked. It still works. A good patch of duct tape is enough to stop water from sipping into a vessel, which brings us to another life hack- duct tape helps repair holes in a leaking boat.

Although temporary, this trick has saved lives. To bring it closer, imagine discovering a leaking pipe in your kitchen. Your mind will race to the most available item. If you have duct tape, the situation is sorted. It should be enough to assume normalcy for a while as you wait for the plumber.

3. Eliminate bugs

Duct tapes are a human-friendly solution to banishing bugs- especially flying ones. Hang a few strips or loops of tape in common pest breeding sites, doors, or ceilings to trap bugs. When they land on the tape, there is no way they are escaping.

4 . Salvage a Fashion Emergency

Holes on clothing such as pants and stockings can be pretty embarrassing. Nevertheless, having duct tape in your bag could save you shame and solve the problem in seconds. A tiny patch should be enough to prevent further damage while temporarily covering the spot.

Another cool hack is designing an outfit out of duct tape. If you feel bold enough, you can look up some trends and seek inspiration. A.A. duct tape outfit would indeed stand out at a costume party. You can also fix the couch you are about to throw in the trash. Are you willing to try? 

Duct Tape Furniture

5. Treat the kids to some cool crafts.

The holidays are fantastic for some quality family time. Parents and guardians are often under pressure in pursuit of ways to keep their kids busy. Take your crafts a notch higher with duct tape by creating unique pieces with your kids. Using differently-colored videos to make doll houses, wall art, cut-outs, etc., makes it even more fun.

Cup Made of Duct Tape

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You probably understand now why all kidnappers in movies opt for duct tape. There is a lot more you can do with this tool. A couple of 'Fixer Upper' episodes should broaden your vision more. Adding duct tape to your list of essential items would be very helpful, and carry it everywhere you go. A situation may call for a duct tape life hack at any time.

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