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5 Best Practices to Improve a Shipping Department

5 Best Practices to Improve a Shipping Department

The end justifies the means-so, they say. Most businesses, big or small, resonate with this statement. It means that your product may be perfect but in the end, how it gets to your customers is what matters the most. Perhaps you thought a courier service should lift the weight of logistics off your shoulders; however, most of the shipment hiccups land on the product owners. Therefore, it is essential to ensure your shipping department can facilitate a smooth product flow between you and your customers.

Here are five tips you should consider if you are looking to optimize your business' shipping department!

Shipping Department
1. Be More Than Basic
Packaging –check, tapes-check…wait! It is one thing to have everything you need and another to have everything you want. You may avail of all possible sizes for boxes, wraps, and other packaging but run losses as they may never be fit to secure a successful shipment. Do a deeper dive into what the market offers and what your clients will appreciate more. For example, do you know the difference between single-wall and double-wall cardboard?  Upgrading your shipment department often demands quality rather than quantity. You can as well start with the packaging essentials.

Sealing a box
2. Take inspiration from Your Courier Service
You probably settled on one of the top shipment companies like FedEx or USPS because you trust their services. A lot of work and effort behind the scenes goes into making them what they are; thus, it wouldn't hurt to seek inspiration from them. Your department store is a miniature version of a courier service, hence implementing their 'big' systems may be highly beneficial. Consider ideas like creating color-coordinated strategies that align with your couriers.

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3. Instructions to the Latter
Most shipping companies have strict rules to guide how products are received, stored, transported, and delivered. For peace of mind, following these rules as you send packages is crucial. If you sell different products, you may have to create a reliable framework to ensure that each item sets off on time.

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4. Better Late Than Damaged
Safety should be a primary concern, especially where fragile items are involved. While the shipment company ensures to do its part, it is essential to equip your department stores with adequate resources to handle things with the needed care right from your warehouse. Again, the quality of and techniques for packaging matter. Please work on your quality control right from the start of the chain, and set up systems to help the shipper do the same on the other side. Customers may appreciate timely deliveries but care more about their order's condition.

Boxes in a conveyor
5. Work on the First Impression
Your brand image heavily relies on first impressions. In addition to the steps mentioned earlier, remember that the goal is to make your customers remember you for all the right reasons. Before the product itself, the packaging speaks and interacts with them first. You can leverage that by engaging with them through branded packaging, warehouse supplies, or even uniquely textured boxes. Branding adds a personal touch that shows the client that you care and makes your business stand out. Find out more about the value of branded packaging to your business. While at it, remember to beat your competitors to it by being creative and innovative.


As you improve your shipment department, please ensure that your customers notice a significant change. Also, give them a chance to point out and recommend things to improve. This creates a personal connection between the business and the consumer. In the same way, make sure that the communication runs just as efficiently internally by allowing your shipping team to offer solutions.
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