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Filament Tape Dispenser Fits 1 inch Tape - MFTD1

Original price $11.20 - Original price $798.90
Original price
$11.20 - $798.90
Current price $11.20
Units: 1 unit
Original price $11.20 - Original price $798.90
Original price
$11.20 - $798.90
Current price $11.20

Specifications for this item

Product Code MFTD1-PAElogation N/A
Material MetalCertification N/A
Adhesive N/A Low Temperature N/A
Thickness N/A High Temperature N/A
Length N/A Core N/A
Adhesion N/AAdhesive Side N/A
Tensile Strenght N/A
Product Code MFTD1-PA
Material Metal
Adhesive N/A
Thickness N/A
Length N/A
Adhesion N/A
Tensile Strenght N/A
Elogation N/A
Certification N/A
Low Temperature N/A
High Temperature N/A
Core N/A
Adhesive Side N/A

Heavy Duty Filament Tape Dispenser

Product Description

WOD MFTD1 is a Filament tape dispenser that holds tape up to 1-inch wide (or approximately 24mm) on a 3-inch core in diameter.
Metal Frame for heavy duty uses as well as an anti-rust blade prooves long lasting qualities.

Product Applications

  • Tapes:
    - Uni-Directional Filament Tape
    - Bifilament Tape or Bi-direcional Filament Tape


1. Insert the filament Tape's core on the arch
2. Pull the lever down to secure the tape
3. Pull the tape under the bottom of the dispenser making sure that the adhesive side is facing DOWN.
4. Use as Needed and cut the tape with the Anti-Rust Blade


• For tape up to 24mm (1 in.) wide
• Core Diameter: 3 in.
• Metal frame String Tape dispenser
• Anti-Rust Blade

Additional Information

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