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Holiday Season Checklist – The Best Tapes for Every Occasion

Holiday Season Checklist – The Best Tapes for Every Occasion

The festive season is upon us, and there is no place like home for the holidays. It is time to start planning for decorations, gifts, dinners, parties, and hangouts with friends and loved ones - not forgetting Christmas music. Whether you are renovating your home to reflect the holiday spirit or adorning your home with Christmas ornaments, you will need tape to keep things in place until the end of the season without drilling holes or other demanding changes.

Transform your home with ease with our list of tapes for all your Christmas DIY projects. You will not need to repaint or refill spaces when it is time to take off Christmas decor come January.

Barricade Tape

Let your inner Christmas DIY spirit free with the multipurpose barricade tape. WOD Barricade Tape is water resistant - capable of surviving winter wetness for outdoor Christmas decorations. It can also withstand rain and wind.

The barricade tape has virgin plastic, which is sturdy to hold your wreaths on the front door or hold your string lights in place. You can use this tape to round the tree, package your gifts, or make bows, ribbons, or garlands. It also comes in festivity colors - white, red, and green - so you can stay within your color theme.

Magnetic Tape

Spruce up your Christmas decor this year and decorate areas that usually remain bare this holiday season. The magnetic tape is perfect for decorating metallic places like your fridge or banisters. The tape is also excellent for hanging ornaments and string lights.

Metalized Tape

Christmas is about lights, glitter, sparkles, and shiny objects in the right places. The polished and shiny surface of the metalized tape is perfect for that pop of Dazzle. Use this tape to highlight the tree or DIY a wall in your home, or even make a great gift wrapping job! 

Gift Wrapping Tape

Transform into an artist with your gift-wrapping skills and decorative tape that accomplishes the job. Gift wrapping requires prior planning. Start by having a theme for the wrapping paper and choose complementary tapes. The beauty of seeing all your coordinated gifts under a beautifully decorated tree on early Christmas morning ignites the warmest and fuzziest feeling for adults and kids alike.

You can also use double-sided tape and make DIY ribbons for your gifts, saving you the need to buy actual ribbons. Include embellishments like a delicate twig, flower, or tinsel. Hold them in place with wrapping tape.

Anti-Slip Tape

Snow makes the ground slippery and unsafe for all the Christmas decor hanging outside. You can hang your lights and ornaments and decorate your garden or outside Christmas tree worry-free with the anti-slip tape.

Nursing a broken leg or hand during the holiday season is no fun. You can avoid slipping entirely with the anti-slip tape. The tape has a rough texture and thick material to boost your floor grip on icy or soft surfaces. You can also use it in your holiday craft to add character.

Get All Your Christmas Tape from Us

At Tape Providers WOD, we specialize in selling all types of tapes for your Christmas DIY projects. Make the holidays unforgettable with our quality and durable tapes. Want to see more? 

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