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UHMW Polyethylene Film Tape Low Friction 20 Mil - Acrylic Adhesive - 18 yards - SPT20A

Original price $26.71 - Original price $990.13
Original price
$26.71 - $990.13
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Size: 1/2 inch
Original price $26.71 - Original price $990.13
Original price
$26.71 - $990.13
Current price $26.71

Specifications for this item

Product Code SPT20A-PAElogation 3.0
Material UHMW PolyethyleneCertification Chrysler MS-CH612, Ford ESB-M3G123-B, GM 6419M
Adhesive Acrylic Low Temperature N/A
Thickness 21.8 Mil High Temperature 200 F
Length 18 Yards Core 3 inch
Adhesion 60 oz/inAdhesive Side Single Sided
Tensile Strenght 60 lbs/in
Product Code SPT20A-PA
Material UHMW Polyethylene
Adhesive Acrylic
Thickness 21.8 Mil
Length 18 Yards
Adhesion 60 oz/in
Tensile Strenght 60 lbs/in
Elogation 3.0
Certification Chrysler MS-CH612, Ford ESB-M3G123-B, GM 6419M
Low Temperature N/A
High Temperature 200 F
Core 3 inch
Adhesive Side Single Sided

WOD SPT20A Polyethylene Film Tape is a 20 mil ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene film featuring an aggressive acrylic adhesive. Its exceptional chemical resistance and ultra-low friction coefficient make it a go-to material for severe service applications. With its slip-free surface, it's ideal for environments demanding impact resistance and minimal wear.

This tape excels in various industrial settings, aiding in noise reduction caused by vibration or wear. Mounted on a liner, it's easily customizable for specific applications, offering increased chemical resistance and low friction for smooth part movement. Perfect for aerospace, automotive, printing, and MRO industries, it outperforms Teflon™ in many sliding applications.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene film
  • Excellent chemical resistance and abrasion resistance
  • Ideal for reducing squeaks and rattles in machinery
  • Meets automotive specifications


  • Automotive noise reduction
  • Conveyor guide rails and chutes
  • Drawer and cabinet slides
  • Roller wrapping and wire harnessing
  • Abrasion-resistant lining and protection

The Science Behind:

The tape's effectiveness lies in its ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW) backing, which offers exceptional hardness and low surface energy. Its abrasion resistance surpasses PTFE, making it durable for sliding applications. Designed with high impact strength, it's favored by engineers worldwide for its longevity and versatility.

Technical Properties:

  • Adhesive: Acrylic
  • Carrier/Backing: UHMW Polyethylene Film
  • Thickness: 20 mils
  • Adhesion: 60 ounces per inch
  • Tensile Strength: 50 pounds per inch (longitudinal)
  • Service/Operating Temperature: Up to 300°F
  • Specification Met: Chrysler MS-CH612, Ford ESB-M3G123-B, GM 6419M

Additional Information:

  • Alternative to: DeWal 423-20, Saint Gobain 2302-20R, Taconic 6311-20, Lanmar 622-20R
  • Thicker backing enhances service life in abrasive conditions.