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High Tensile Polypropylene Strapping Tape Metal Gray 360 yards - PST50GLC

Original price $38.24 - Original price $2,088.89
Original price
$38.24 - $2,088.89
Current price $38.24
Size: 3/4 inch
Original price $38.24 - Original price $2,088.89
Original price
$38.24 - $2,088.89
Current price $38.24

Specifications for this item

Product Code PST50GLC-PAElogation 20%
Material PolypropyleneCertification N/A
Adhesive Rubber Low Temperature N/A
Thickness 5 Mil High Temperature N/A
Length 60 Yards Core 3 inch
Adhesion 64 oz/inAdhesive Side Single Sided
Tensile Strenght 228 lbs/in
Product Code PST50GLC-PA
Material Polypropylene
Adhesive Rubber
Thickness 5 Mil
Length 60 Yards
Adhesion 64 oz/in
Tensile Strenght 228 lbs/in
Elogation 20%
Certification N/A
Low Temperature N/A
High Temperature N/A
Core 3 inch
Adhesive Side Single Sided

High Tensile Polypropylene Strapping Tape

Product Description

WOD PST50G Appliance-Grade Tensilised Non-Staining Strapping Tape is a specially designed tape made for holding and securing applications and features stain and adhesive transfer resistance. This High tensilised polypropylene (TPP) strapping tape is made with a Synthetic rubber adhesive system and features residue-free removal, Non Toxic, and no discoloration.

Using WOD PST50G Appliance-Grade Tensilised Non-Staining Strapping Tape during transport helps prevent damage to furniture, appliances, and other products. Shelves, loose bins, other small parts, and especially glass shelving can be kept in place during the move using this strapping tape and then removed without leaving a residue.

Tape is Available in 1 Color

Metal Gray

Product Applications

  • Used for palletizing, bundling, and reinforcement of various cardboard handles
  • Used for combining corrugated and cardboard boxes.
  • Non-critical bundling applications
  • Holding and securing doors, trim, shelves, and other small parts in the appliance industry
  • Closing, holding, and securing in the automotive, furniture, and office equipment industries
  • Great for reinforcement of shipping cartons as well as bundling and strapping of heavy goods and securing pallets, which are exposed to shocks during transport.
  • "L" clip and "C" clip closures and reinforcements

Technical Properties

  • Adhesive: Synthetic Rubber
  • Carrier/Backing: Tensilized polypropylene (TPP)
  • Thickness: 5 mils (carrier, adhesive)
  • Adhesion: 64 ounces per inch (to stainless steel test panel)
  • Tensile Strength: 228 pounds per inch (longitudinal)
  • Elongation: 20%
  • Core: 3" Diameter

Additional Information

Alternative to: Tesa 51010

Note: Specifications are those given by manufacturers and are not tested for accuracy.