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Aluminum Foil Tape 5 Mil - 60 yards - AFT50

Original price $19.76 - Original price $666.66
Original price
$19.76 - $666.66
Current price $19.76
Size: 1/2 inch
Original price $19.76 - Original price $666.66
Original price
$19.76 - $666.66
Current price $19.76

Specifications for this item

Product Code AFT50A-PAElogation <6%
Material Aluminum FoilCertification N/A
Adhesive Acrylic Low Temperature -40 F
Thickness 5 Mil High Temperature 300 F
Length 60 Yards Core 3 inch
Adhesion 72 oz/inAdhesive Side Single Sided
Tensile Strenght 34 lbs/in
Product Code AFT50A-PA
Material Aluminum Foil
Adhesive Acrylic
Thickness 5 Mil
Length 60 Yards
Adhesion 72 oz/in
Tensile Strenght 34 lbs/in
Elogation <6%
Certification N/A
Low Temperature -40 F
High Temperature 300 F
Core 3 inch
Adhesive Side Single Sided

High Performance Grade Aluminum Foil Tape with Liner

Product Description

WOD AFT50A Aluminum Foil Tape is coated with a pressure-sensitive solvent-based acrylic adhesive (underside of tape looks like uncolored silver aluminum foil). The tape comes on a white paper release liner. The tape features a malleable foil which conforms well to irregular and curves surfaces. Its aggressive adhesive provides quick, positive grab.

WOD AFT50A is an all-weather general purpose used in fiberglass duct board systems (on seams and joints to maintain the integrity of the vapor barrier) and on FSK systems. Tape performs well at both low and elevated temperatures and is flame retardant. Used in the construction industry for joining elastomeric insulation systems.

The surface to which the tape is applied should be clean, dry and free of any grease or oil.

Product Applications

  • For heat reflection and dissipation
  • Excellent for die cutting.
  • Masking in paint stripping, and electroplating
  • Perfect for joining and sealing Foil- Scrim-Kraft facing laminate fiberglass blanket/duct board joints and seams.
  • Used for vapor barrier protection and waterproof sealing
  • Uses include general repair, sealing hot and cold air ducts (excellent HVAC tape), duct insulation systems, sealing aluminum, stainless and plastic seams / joints, temporary repair of metal surfaces, and copper pipe fixing
  • If you're planning on attending Burning Man, you should know that you can use WOD AFT50A aluminum foil tape to cover over and seal the seams of your Hexayurt shelter. It can withstand high winds, temperature swings, sandstorms and physical abuse.

Technical Properties

  • Adhesive: solvent-based acrylic
  • Carrier/Backing: Aluminum Foil
  • Release Liner: Paper
  • Thickness: 5 mils (carrier, adhesive)
  • Adhesion: 72 ounces per inch (to stainless steel test panel)
  • Service/Operating Temperature: -40°F to 300°F
  • Application Temperature: 50°F to 105°F
  • Holding Power: 1,200+ minutes
  • Rolling Tack (11mm ball): <= 6.0 inch
  • Core: 3" Diameter

Additional Information

Alternative to: 3M 3338; Venture 1516CW.

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