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WOD Polyethylene Repair Tape 5.5 Mil - 36 yds GHT5R

Size: 1/4 inch
Color: Clear
Original price $11.05 - Original price $338.40
Original price
$11.05 - $338.40
Current price $12.35
Size: 1/4 inch
Color: Clear

Low Density Polyethylene Film Tape

Product Description

WOD LDPFT-5R Ideal for polyethylene splicing; general purpose seal- ing, spiral wrapping. Suitable for use in nuclear and other sensitive environments. Highly conformable and adheres to most surfaces. Works well in most applications where low to moderate adhesion is required.

Tape is Available in 4 Vibrant Colors

Clear - Black - White - Red

Product Applications

  • Greenhouse Repair Tape
  • Splicing, general purpose sealing/seaming and spiral wrapping
  • Protective overlaminate & patching where a highly conformable and clear material is required.
  • Excellent moisture barrier that Conforms well to irregular surfaces
  • Used for color coding, decorative markings, stripping, sealing, splicing & seaming
  • Provides strong bond but still removes cleanly from most surfaces.
  • Great for general protection against moisture, UV, chemicals, solvents, and abrasion.

Technical Properties

  • Adhesive: Synthetic rubber
  • Carrier/Backing: Low density polyethylene (LDPE) film
  • Thickness: 5.5 mils (carrier, adhesive)
  • Adhesion: 28 ounces per inch (to stainless steel test panel)
  • Tensile Strength: 10 pounds per inch (longitudinal)
  • Application Temperature: 50°F to 120°F
  • Service/Operating Temperature: -40°F to 190°F
  • Elongation: 350%
  • Core: 3" Diameter on a Plastic Core

Additional Information

Alternative to: 3M 480 (acrylic), 483 (rubber); Patco 502A, 503A (acrylic), 502R & 503R (rubber).

Note: Other colors available as special order. Call for Details.

Note: Specifications are those given by manufacturers and are not tested for accuracy.