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WOD Double Sided Cloth Tape 6.1 Mil, Hot Melt Rubber Adhesive, For Laying Down Carpet, DCCT61HM

Size: 1/2 inch
Length: 25 yards
Original price $9.52 - Original price $287.64
Original price
$9.52 - $287.64
Current price $11.88
Size: 1/2 inch
Length: 25 yards

Specifications for this item

Product Code DCCT61HM-PA Elogation 0.1
Material Polyester Certification N/A
Adhesive Rubber Low Temperature N/A
Thickness 6.1 Mil High Temperature 140 F
Length 25 Yards Core 3 inch
Adhesion 91 oz/in (exposed side) - 73 oz/in (liner side) Adhesive Side Double Sided
Tensile Strenght 15 lbs/in
Product Code DCCT61HM-PA
Material Polyester
Adhesive Rubber
Thickness 6.1 Mil
Length 25 Yards
Adhesion 91 oz/in (exposed side) - 73 oz/in (liner side)
Tensile Strenght 15 lbs/in
Elogation 0.1
Certification N/A
Low Temperature N/A
High Temperature 140 F
Core 3 inch
Adhesive Side Double Sided

Double Sided Polyester Fabric Tape

Product Description

WOD DCCT61HM Double-Coated Polyester Fabric Tape is a white fabric backing and a white synthetic rubber adhesive. The product has an easy release, gold siliconized paper liner. Good tack & aggressive adhesion; bonds well to various surfaces & shapes. Suitable for use on most carpets and floorings. Hand-tearable and highly conformable. Not resistant to plasticizers.

Product Applications

  • Due to the flexible fabric backing and the high coating weight, it is particularly suited for mounting on rough, fibrous surfaces, such as laying carpet.
  • Used for general holding, joining, attaching, and laminating applications

Technical Properties

  • Adhesive: Synthetic rubber
  • Carrier/Backing: polyester cloth
  • Release Liner: Gold siliconized paper liner
  • Thickness: 6.1 mils (carrier, adhesive)
  • Adhesion (Exposed Side): 91 ounces per inch (to stainless steel test panel)
  • Adhesion (Liner Side): 73 ounces per inch (to stainless steel test panel)
  • Tensile Strength: 15 pounds per inch (longitudinal)
  • Service/Operating Temperature: Up to 140°F
  • Elongation: 10%
  • Core: 3" Diameter

Additional Information

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