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Can a Duct Tape Boat Survive Whitewater Rapids?

Can a Duct Tape Boat Survive Whitewater Rapids?

Hey Tapers! Watch how the American YouTuber Louis Weisz takes our WOD Duct Tape to the extreme by crafting a boat designed to conquer whitewater rapids.

This high-quality tape features a polyethylene-coated cloth with a natural rubber-based adhesive, making it perfect for uneven surfaces and providing excellent water resistance. Whether you're repairing vinyl, sealing ductwork, or embarking on a wild river adventure, our duct tape has you covered.

Watch below as he pushes the limits of creativity and durability, showcasing the incredible journey of building and testing this one-of-a-kind vessel.

A collaboration between Tape Providers & Louis Weisz.


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