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WOD Sports Athletic Tape, White (Pack of 3) Latex-free Self-Adhesive for Wrist, Ankle, Shoulder, Knee, Hand Protection

Title: White
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Title: White
WOD ST- ACST Athletic Tape Rolls are made of 100% Cotton bleached backcloth with a Latex-free Adhesive designed to stick into your skin as well as to bind, repair, or bandage sports equipment like bats, sticks, racquets, and gloves.
It is commonly used and recommended by Physio Therapists to support and protect the muscles and joints in the ankles, wrists, elbows, and knees to assist or prevent strains, injuries, sprains, swelling, and bleeding.
Suggestions when applying
  • Apply before activity on clean skin.
  • Don’t overstretch.
  • Excessive hair might not allow the best adhesion.
  • Once applied, squeeze a little to mold around the area.
  • Remove slowly, use baby oil if necessary.
Weight-lifting – Running – Swimming – Tennis – Soccer – Golf – Lacrosse – Hockey – Boxing – Gymnastics – Rowing – Volleyball, and more.
Knees – Shin Splints – Shoulders – Achilles – Quads – Hamstrings – Lower Back – Upper Back – Neck – Arms – Elbows, and more.

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