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Stick It! Landlord Approved Renter-Friendly Hacks with Adhesive Tape!

Are you tired of staring at blank walls in your rental apartment? Or are you constantly worried about losing your security deposit because of all the holes you’ve put in the walls? Worry no more! Adhesive tape is the perfect solution for all your renter-friendly decorating needs. Do not Worry about your landlord!

What are Renter-Friendly Hacks?

Renter-friendly hacks are DIY solutions that enhance your living space without causing any harm to the rental property.
apartment tall building

Adhesive Tape is a renter-friendly tool due to its ease of removal without any damage. It can be used for multiple purposes, including hanging wall decor, organizing cables, and fixing furniture. Different types of adhesive tapes are available for various surfaces and weights, making it a versatile tool for renters. Upgrade your place with these reversible DIY renter-friendly hacks and make that rental apartment feel like a forever home, no matter how small or basic it was when you got in!

Hanging Decor with Adhesive Tape

Hanging decor without damaging walls is easy with renter-friendly hacks like Mounting Tape.  By cleaning the surface and choosing the right type of adhesive based on weight and surface type, you can securely hang wall decor without causing damage or leaving sticky residue on vinyl, hardwood flooring, or wallpaper. Use multiple strips or a grid pattern for heavier items. Many people also hang hooks and knobs this way, creating more storage space on the wall! 

  • Creating an artwork gallery on a blank wall

Elevate your rental home with inexpensive but chic Renter-Friendly Hacks, like creating an artwork gallery.  Start by choosing frames that complement each other and arranging them on the floor before mounting them on the wall. Stick Them with a Double Sided Tape! 

Art Mural Poster Wall Vintage

  • Hanging a wreath without creating holes

This hack is easy with Mounting Tape. Choose from various types, like double-sided or painter's tape, with different widths and strengths. This is a Christmas classic! Apply the chosen adhesive to the back of the wreath and press it firmly against the wall for a secure hold. Avoid using too much adhesive, as it can leave sticky residue behind. The hack here is not making the Wreath that heavy!

Wreath Crown Christmas Valentines Decor Cute Mounting Hanging

  • Ditch the Drill: Adhesive Tape for Fixtures

Looking for low-cost renter-friendly hacks? Here's a game-changer hack - ditch the drill and opt for adhesive tapes! It's not just limited to hanging decor; you can use varieties like double-sided, mounting squares, and picture hanging strips for fixtures. Don't worry about damaging walls or risking your security deposit with this firm and sticky adhesive hack. It holds various weights and sizes of appliances, light fixtures, or even plumbing without leaving any residue. 

Securing a Tapestry to the Wall (or Flooring)

To effortlessly secure your beautiful and expensive fabric or Decor Rug to the wall in your rental home without damaging the walls or risking losing your security deposit, try using high-quality adhesive tapes like double-sided or mounting Tape. Make sure to clean the wall surface before applying them for maximum adhesion.

 Tapestry on the Wall

Mounting shelves or plants without hammers or nails

You can use different types of tape, such as double-sided foam tape, mounting squares, picture hanging strips, and more. Instead of drilling holes into drywall which can leave sticky residue or damage flooring or hardwood surfaces, choose a solid and durable tape that can hold the weight of your decor. Always clean and dry the wall surface before applying any adhesive to ensure proper adhesion.

Shelves on the Wall for Toys

Installing Wallpaper with Adhesive Tape

Installing wallpaper in a rental home can be time-consuming and expensive. However, there is a hack that can help solve this problem: using adhesive tape. This affordable solution is renter-friendly, and you can get creative.  Choose the right adhesive tape suitable for your wallpaper material and surface to operate effectively. By creating a template or pattern before applying the adhesive wallpaper, you can achieve a smooth finish without any sticky residue on the wall.

Wallpaper on Wall Double Sided Tape to put paper in mural living room bedroom

  • Applying the adhesive tape to the wall

Consider using adhesive tape for an easy and inexpensive way to install wallpaper without damaging your walls! First, clean and dry the wall's surface before measuring and cutting the tape to size. With options such as double-sided tape or removable wallpaper, you can get creative and create your Wallpaper Print!  Whether renting or a homeowner looking for low-cost decor hacks, adhesive tape can be your go-to solution!

  • Removing adhesive tape and wallpaper residue

Removing sticky residue is crucial for renters when tackling Renter Friendly Hacks with Adhesive Tape. Here are some tips for doing this correctly without damaging walls or fixtures. First, please prepare surfaces by making sure they are clean & smooth before you install new decor. Secondly, measure areas accurately & use levels for straight lines when hanging artwork with adhesion hooks or mounting shelves on drywall or hardwood flooring. Lastly, remove any sticky residue carefully with oily substances and cleaning supplies. 

Plumbing Issues? Fix it before getting that rent up!

As a renter, please report plumbing issues to your landlord or property manager as soon as possible to avoid further damage and expenses. Depending on the severity, repairs may be your responsibility. Avoid fixing major issues yourself and take preventive measures like drain cleaning and leak reporting to avoid future problems.

To avoid more significant problems with the plumbing in your rental home, check for leaks or clogs regularly in sinks, toilets, and showers. Temporary fixes for minor plumbing issues can be made using Teflon tape until you can get a professional to deal with them. It's important to always tell your landlord about any problems with the plumbing as soon as possible.

Teflon Tape to Fix Pipes and Tubes

As a renter, dealing with plumbing problems can be frustrating. Prioritize fixing any issues before increasing rent. For minor leaks or cracks, this is a great temporary solution. However, for significant problems, seek assistance from your landlord or a professional plumber.

Repair Tape Patch Seal Pool Plastic

  • Storage Solutions! Do more with less and take advantage of the space!

It is ideal for studios or smaller apartments to take advantage of the storage space and try to do the most with it. You can get organizers of 2 or 3 levels to use the air space efficiently. You should also label the items so you keep track of where everything is. These are great ideas for organizing your kitchen, bathroom, and dresser. 

Stylish Accessories with Adhesive Tape

When it comes to decorating your rental home on a budget, there are plenty of Renter-Friendly Hacks with Adhesive Tape that you can try. You can make Stylish Accessories that will give your space a personal touch. You can use different types of tape to create unique wall art or add color and patterns to your furniture. By incorporating these hacks into your décor scheme, you can make your rental look like a chic New York apartment without breaking the bank.

Metalized Tapes gold Silver Elegant Fancy Removable

Looking for a low-cost hack to decorate your rental home? Try using Metalized Tape! This adhesive vinyl can transform your plain walls into stunning modern art murals. With its various colors and textures, you can experiment with different shapes and patterns, from geometric designs to stripes. Metalized tape is also removable, making it perfect for renters who want to personalize their space without facing any sticky residue or damage.


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Besides creating wall decor, you can use this strong adhesive tape for DIY projects like crafting picture frames or decorating furniture. 

Paint Wall Mural Art Modern Geometric Elegant

The most cost-effective hack that uniquely appeals to your rental home. This versatile adhesive tape's strong adhesion helps create geometric shapes and patterns on the wall without leaving residue or damage behind. Available in various widths and colors, such as vinyl tape, it can transform the appearance of furniture and decor. Renters can experiment with different types of tape, like electrical or duct tape; it is perfect for homeowners who want low-cost flooring solutions or temporary fixes without calling the landlord.

Removing Adhesive Residue from Walls and Fixtures

Removing leftover adhesive from walls and fixtures is essential to keep your rental home looking flawless. Applying heat to the sticky residue with a hairdryer or heat gun is crucial before using a plastic scraper or credit card for its removal. To tackle stubborn residue, use baking soda and coconut oil as an effective cleaning solution.

Homeowners can use double-sided tape  for hanging decor, such as gallery walls, without damaging hardwood flooring or wallpaper. 

Taking Tape off not damaging the walls

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the reasons for renters to utilize renter-friendly hacks in their apartments?

For several reasons, renters often find employing renter-friendly hacks in their apartments beneficial. Firstly, these hacks allow renters to personalize and enhance their living spaces without violating their lease agreements or causing damage to the property, like the many types of Adhesive Tape. Renter-friendly hacks offer creative solutions that are temporary, easily reversible, and do not require significant alterations or renovations, making them ideal for apartment living.

Renter-friendly hacks can be cost-effective. Instead of investing in expensive or permanent modifications, renters can utilize affordable DIY solutions or repurpose items to achieve the desired results. These hacks can help renters save money while enjoying a personalized and aesthetically pleasing living environment.

Should college students use Renter-Friendly Hacks on their Dorms?

Renter-friendly hacks are ideal for college dorms, offering practical and creative ways to personalize and maximize limited space while adhering to strict dormitory regulations. These hacks provide clever alternatives to permanent modifications, ensuring students can express their individuality without facing the consequences. Renter-friendly hacks not only promote a sense of comfort and homeliness in an otherwise institutional environment but also foster creativity and resourcefulness among college students.

The possibilities are endless, from creating beautiful wall art to correcting plumbing issues. But what about removing the tape once you're done? Don't worry; we've got you covered with tips on removing adhesive residue without damaging your walls or fixtures. So get creative with these renter-friendly hacks, knowing you can easily remove them when moving out. Want more tips and tricks for decorating without damaging your rental? Check out our blog on adhesive tape hacks for renters.


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