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Spring into Action with Crafts and Hacks!

Spring into Action with Crafts and Hacks!

Spring is the season of renewal and new beginnings, so why not get creative and crafty with some fun adhesive tape projects? Whether you're looking for a quick and easy DIY fix or a fun activity to do with friends and family, these spring-inspired crafts and hacks are sure to put a spring in your step.

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  • Flower Power Headband Add a pop of color to your hair with a simple floral headband. All you need is some Duct tape, fake flowers, and a headband. Cut off the stems from the flowers and use the adhesive tape to attach them to the headband. Mix and match colors and sizes for a fun and unique look.

  • DIY Ester Crafts: Get into the Easter spirit with these adorable eggs or bunny ears. Cut out ear shapes from cardboard and cover them in adhesive tape. Attach them to a headband with more adhesive tape and add some pink felt to the insides for a cute and fluffy touch. 



  • Spring Cleaning Hacks Spring is the perfect time for some much-needed cleaning, and adhesive tape can make it a breeze. Use duct tape to remove pet hair from furniture or sticky residue from surfaces. Cover your paint roller in masking tape for easy cleanup or wrap a towel around a broom head and secure it with tape for a quick and easy dusting tool.


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  • Seed Starter Pots Get a head start on your spring gardening with these easy-to-make seed starter pots. Cut toilet paper rolls in half and cover them in adhesive tape. Fill with soil and plant your seeds. When it's time to transplant, simply plant the entire roll in the ground. Use our Environmentally friendly tapes to help you! 
  • Butterfly Wall Art Brighten up your walls with some colorful butterfly wall art. Cut out butterfly shapes from paper or cardstock and cover them in adhesive tape. Arrange them in a fun pattern on your wall and secure them with more tape. Check our Social Media to see out Wall Art Ideas! 

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    • DIY Flower Vases Create a beautiful centerpiece for your table with these DIY flower vases. Use adhesive tape to attach colorful Duct tape to glass jars or bottles. Fill with water and your favorite flowers for a simple yet stunning display.

    • Faux Stained Glass Window Add some color to your windows with this fun and easy faux stained glass project. Cut out shapes from black construction paper and cover them in adhesive tape. Arrange them on a window and use more tape to secure them in place. Fill in the shapes with colorful tissue paper and enjoy the beautiful stained glass effect.

    • Overall Safety on Spring Activites: It is important to maintain safety on pool parties, backyards. and slippery surfaces! anti slip tape to prevent accidents

    These spring crafts and hacks are easy, fun, and perfect for a sunny afternoon. So grab some adhesive tape and get creative – the possibilities are endless!

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