WOD ET-635 Heavy Duty Steel Housing Bag Sealer Taper Dispenser with Safety Lock: Up to 1 in.

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WOD ET-635-10
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Heavy Duty Sturdy Vegetable Wrappers Bag Sealers

Product Description

WOD ET-635 Premium Quality Bag Sealer Tape Dispensers that provides an instant and simple economical way to seal vegetable bags with packaging tapes. Heavy duty steel is used to construct this sealer so that it is able to support the mechanism and withstand the demand of high-usage environments. The mechanism allows you to load and unload the tape rolls quickly. The High Quality Sealers are engineered with a safety lock and designed with non-slip pad to provide stability. The non-slip pad also helps mount this device on any surface.

The wide neck heavy duty Bag taper has a 25.4mm wide throat. These work for tapes with 1", 3", and 3.5" Inch cores diameter.

These dispensers are ideal for vinyl packaging tapes applications, packaging commercial goods, dry or fresh food, industrial parts, and print materials (magazines & newspapers). Other applications are sealing newspaper bags, meat bags, poly bags, plastic bags, produce bags, bread bags, and ice bags. These devices also help seal the bags air-tight protecting the packed goods from dust and pollution.

Product Benefits

• Heavy duty steel construction to support the mechanism
• Designed with non-slip pad for stability and provide easy and effortless mounting on any surface
• Engineered with an anti-corrosion tape cutting blade that is capable of cutting through up to 3 mils thick tape.


1. Pull the dispenser's core holder
2. Insert the dispenser's removable core into the core of the tape and then put it into the dispenser's core holder; pull the tape under the metal tube then over the yellow roller to start sealing
3. Pull the tape over the top of the dispenser making sure that the adhesive side is facing UP.
4. Twist the bag and pull it down through the top slot opening in the dispenser.
4. Use the blade at the bottom of the dispenser to trim the bag.

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