WOD CM0300-12 Heavy Base Manual Definite Length Tape Dispenser: For up to 1 in.

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WOD CM0300-12
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Definite Length Tape Dispenser

Product Description

WOD CM0300 dispenser is recommended for BOPP, polyesters to 3.5 mil, and some flatback tapes. Not suitable for thick films, stretchy films (vinyls), or foil tapes.

Manual feed pressure sensitive tape dispenser with hand lever. Definite length dispenser. Dispenses tape from: Width of 1/4” to 1”, and 1/2” to 4” length with a single pull. Tape is cut by pulling across a serrated blade. Moveable blade holder for easy tape loading. Heavy base for stability. Maximum roll O.D. is 4-3/4”. Holds 3” core tapes.

Tape dispensers hold and cut tape. They are used in manufacturing, assembly, and packaging. Tape guns are portable, hand-held tape dispensers that are useful for small jobs. Table-top dispensers allow an operator to tear off the tape and then bring it to the point of application. Manual table-top dispensers allow an operator to pull and tear any amount of tape, or to dispense a fixed amount of tape by use of a hand lever. Electric dispensers may be actuated by the push of a button or by a sensor that detects when the previously cut length of tape has been removed. Most tape dispensers work with pressure-sensitive tapes, such as transparent office tape, packing tape, or strapping tape. Gummed tape dispensers, also known as water-activated tape dispensers, work with water-activated adhesive tape. These dispensers moisten each piece of tape as it is dispensed.

Product Benefits

  • Manual tape dispenser with hand lever advances and cuts predefined lengths of tape in low production applications
  • Cuts tape from 0.25 to 1" (6 to 25 mm) wide, in lengths from 0.50 to 4" (13 to 102 mm)
  • Specific cut lengths are set by adjusting the hand lever
  • Tape is advanced by pulling the hand lever
  • Tape is cut by pulling across the serrated blade
  • .25" - 1" (6 - 25mm) in Tape Width
  • .50" - 4" (13 - 102mm) in Tape Length
  • Maximum outside diameter of roll is 4.75" (120mm)
  • Sturdy base for stability

Note: Specifications are those given by manufacturers and are not tested for accuracy.

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