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WOD Double Sided Tissue Tape 4 Mil, Hot Melt Rubber Adhesive - 60 yards, for Flying Splice or Static Splicing, DCTT40HM

Size: 3/8 inch
Original price $11.24 - Original price $347.80
Original price
$11.24 - $347.80
Current price $14.59
Size: 3/8 inch

Double Sided Tissue Paper Tape

Product Description

WOD DCTT40HM Double-Coated Tissue Paper Tape is a 1.8 mil tissue substrate coated on both sides with an aggressive synthetic hot melt rubber adhesive (2.2 mils of adhesive total). The tape comes on a gold siliconized glassine paper release liner. WOD DCTT40HM offers excellent quick stick and peel strength. Good for flying splice or static splicing where high resistance to heat is not required. Excellent for nameplates, trophies, cardboard core start-ups; laminating cork, cloth or felt; and splicing of papers, textiles and plastics.

Product Applications

  • Specially recommended for splicing during paper mill operations also on high weight paper basis
  • Suitable for lamination of plastic materials and wooden profiles
  • DIY, wear and accessories, trim and profile, energy saving, art and graphics

Technical Properties

  • Adhesive: Hot melt rubber
  • Carrier/Backing: Tissue paper
  • Release Liner: Gold glassine 50# liner
  • Thickness: 4 mils (carrier, adhesive)
  • Adhesion: 90 ounces per inch (to stainless steel test panel)
  • Tensile Strength: 5.7 pounds per inch (longitudinal)
  • Service/Operating Temperature: 60°F to 140°F
  • Elongation: 5%
  • Core: 3" Diameter

Additional Information

Alternative to: Tesa 4903; International Tape 207; Venture 520; 3M 406; Adchem 2627; Sicad 710TNT; Boma 4150.

Note: Specifications are those given by manufacturers and are not tested for accuracy.