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Tape Providers is an organization located in Miami, Florida USA dedicated to provide our customers with the highest degree of customer satisfaction and experience. Our team has over 18 years of experience combined in the wholesale and retail of Adhesive Tapes; yet this is a new organization, which is sole focus is Packaging Supplies and Specialty Tapes that can be applied to your every day use, to your professional field, or to your retail business.

If there is anything we can do to help you or future customers to be happy with the product and/or customer service please let us know. (786) 565-9858 or [email protected]

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Tape Providers
Wholesale and Custom Printed Tapes and Boxes

Mission Statement/What we do

Our organization differentiates from our competitors because we break the rules from the old corporation’s model. We are constantly updating our services according to the needs and feedback from our clients; resulting in having a customer service ready to answer questions, solve issues, and any other inquiries.

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We understand that mistakes or inconveniences happen that is why we have a free return policy within 30 days no questions ask. (items must be in brand new condition for a full refund)


We want you to test our product and see for yourself the quality and performance of our products for your specific needs.


Do not pay for ground shipping EVER!!!

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